About the Clinical Trial of tipifarnib in HRAS Positive Advanced Squamous Cell Cancer

A clinical trial of an investigational new drug, tipifarnib, is currently enrolling adults with HRAS Positive Advanced Squamous Cell Cancer.

WHAT IS Squamous Cell CANCER?

Squamous Cell Cancer (SCC) is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal squamous cells.

SCC occurs on the top layer of the skin and/or in mucous membranes, which are moist tissues in the body.

What is An HRAS Mutation?

The HRAS gene belongs to a class of genes known as oncogenes. In fact, HRAS has been studied for more than 50 years but treatment has not been available until recently. When mutated, HRAS has the potential to cause normal cells to become cancerous. This clinical trial is enrolling adults with HRAS positive advanced squamous cell cancers. Genetic testing for HRAS mutation may be available at no cost to you.       


This trial is enrolling:

  • adults diagnosed with advanced squamous cell cancer
  • whose tumors have tested positive for an HRAS mutation or who are willing to have their tumors tested for HRAS mutations

Thyroid cancer and salivary gland cancer are excluded from enrollment at this time.


To have your squamous tumor tested for HRAS mutations you are required to have an advanced squamous cell tumor, the kind that is usually treated by a medical oncologist, and have failed or are currently receiving other therapy. To find out if you may be eligible to participate in this trial, please click here.